Bringing Europe Home

What’s in YOUR Easter Basket?


Among many fond memories of my life in Deutschland are my memories of the Easter season.  I was surprised and delighted, not only by the stunningly decorated blown eggs (pictured in my Art of the Easter Egg, posts I and II), but also by the gorgeous displays of Easter chocolates.   I would walk into the department stores and be racked with indecision:  scrumptious chocolate eggs in a dizzying variety of sizes and fillings were beautifully wrapped and on display in large wooden bins, alongside tantalizing collections of chocolate bunnies and other spring-themed candy-creations.  This Easter I wanted to relive that experience of childlike wonder, and I knew just where to go.

Yup, I went back to Maison-Robert.

There, I found the delectable displays I craved.

If you live in the Atlanta area, you can hop on over.  Click on for directions and details.

I went especially for their famous chocolate bird houses.   They come in milk chocolate and in dark chocolate–both versions delightful.

There were treats for all ages–such as this charming deviled-egg dish, each section filled with chocolates…

…and a darling bunny teapot, also filled with chocolates.

Shoppers collected their goodies in these lovely shopping baskets, which I thought was also a nice European-style touch.

Shoppers needn’t leave hungry, either, as there are sandwiches, croissants, cakes, and mounds of goodies available for purchase.

What could I do??


I brought it home.

Shhhhh….don’t tell!


  1. Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time
    now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

  2. The best of easter are the empty nests of moss and the empty easter basket before the search of eggs starts. The day before easter, the kids build nests of moss. During the night the Easter-Hare brings the eggs. Put them into the nests but also to unexpected places. So, you really have to look for. That makes fun. Chocolate and coloured, boiled chicken eggs could be found and move into the basket.

    • Thank you for sharing that lovely tradition, Herstbaum! We have “Easter egg hunts” here, too–usually not with moss lined baskets, though (we have fake colored “grass”!) Typically, we will have community egg hunts held at neighborhoods, churches, parks–even at the White House! Most individual families create their own Easter morning traditions, and in some families children hunt for their Easter baskets. I like the idea of hunting for whatever goes into the Easter basket on Easter morning–hard boiled eggs or candy eggs, etc. I wonder if any families here do that…. So, are there any other bloggers out there that have this tradtion?

      • I see, you know the hunt. It´s great fun.

        • Yes, the hunting is the same, but the manner of hunting is a little different here, I think. 🙂

  3. I used to own a chocolate and gift basket shop and Easter was the busiest time of the year. It was also my favorite time because of all the beautiful items that were included in the baskets that we created for them. I enjoyed the post…it brought back nice memories.

    • What a lovely comment, Karen–thank you. I’m glad the post brought back nice memories for you.

  4. Bunny teapot looks so quaint! How cute are the eggs with chocolate daisies too 🙂

  5. Morning Robin! Hope you don’t mind but I’ve tagged you in Easyjet’s Inspiration Initiative. It’s promo for them of course, but quite interesting to do? Happy Easter!

  6. love your Blog, just discovered it. I am from Austria, living in Boston and I also have an easter-tree made up with my children.
    Can’t wait to read more.

    • Thank you for visiting and for your kind words, Sabine! I enjoy your blog, as well. Are all the eggs on your tree made by you and your children?

      • No unfortunately I cannot really blow out eggs without breaking them in a thousand pieces, so we have bought hand-painted ones in Austria.We also have those little fuzzy chicks perched on the branches. love those

        • Ha! I can’t believe I actually did it myself–but that was a long time ago! The Austrian eggs are beautiful–I have several in my collection. I’m sure the chicks are a cute touch, too. 🙂

  7. Look at all those wonderful Easter baskets… and pastries! I wish I could bring that whole store home to Berkeley. 🙂

    • This store has been here for years, and I just found out about it when a friend suggested that I use it as a topic in my blog! So…just maybe, there’s a hidden gem in Berkeley, too. 🙂

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog today, Robin. Your photos of all the Easter goodies are lovely. What a place to visit! I’d never get out of there without completely emptying my wallet! 🙂

    • Thank you, Carol. You have a terrific blog, and I enjoyed visiting. 🙂 And yes, it was very difficult for me to control myself when I was in that store!

  9. TBM

    I would get lost in this store. Easter is my favorite holiday…I wish I was there!

    • I thought I’d be there for 15 minutes, but I stayed for over an hour! (I kept finding things to take pituctures of:-) )
      But, I’ll be there’s a great chocolate shop near you, too, TBM! I didn’t know about this place for the longes time, until a friend clued me in.

  10. Diana

    Oh my! I’ll be headed over this week, for sure! They have wonderful handmade chocolates–better in my opinion than godiva and the larger boutiques, and their Christmas display is fabulous too! Thanks for reminding me! Yum

    • A place like this makes it extra fun to play “Easter bunny” 🙂

  11. I’m putting this on my mail order list for next year. Thanks! Looks yummy!

    • Thanks, Allthings:-) I had hoped to have this posted in time for this Easter, but ah, well!

  12. Beautiful Easter treats – and those croissants look amazing too! Now I’m hungry. 🙂

    • Sorry! But, I agree–they are beautiful Easter treats.

  13. That all looks fabulous and I love the idea of the chocolate bird houses, how lovely!

    • They even hold classes for teaching people how to create their own chocolate bird houses!

      • Oh, I’d love to do that! I would anticipate having to eat all the leftover chocolate that didn’t quite make it into the bird house.


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