Bringing Europe Home

A Simple Joy

Today I share a simple joy–I planted something, and it grew!

It seems like such a common thing–

I mean, it happens every day–

but really, it’s a mystery

unfolding in its earthly way.

So here it stands, a lovely guard

beside the mailbox in the yard,

An iris!

Meticulously formed,

with colors that are rich and true.

Each day it makes me smile anew.

I planted something, and it grew.


  1. Beautiful flower. I’m planting blue potatoes this week, I hear they have nice flowers too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Blue potatoes? Cool! I’ve never heard of that– I’d love to see some photos of them.

  2. Gina

    i feel joy and satisfaction when i grow something beautiful to behold or delicious to eat.

    • Me too! Really, I get a little thrill when anything that I plant grows, but it’s an extra bonus when that plant turns out to be beautiful to behold or delcious to eat. 🙂

  3. Gina

    i like your poem and photography!

  4. JRJ2015

    Oh How beautiful 🙂

  5. The colors in that iris is amazing! I love it!

  6. Loveee the flower!! I am watching my first veggies grow, and it’s so very exciting!

    • Thanks, Brittany! It is a thrill, watching plants grow, isn’t it? 🙂

  7. Hi Robin Jean Marie! I delight along with you! Had to share the joy! Happy to have found you via your visit to my blog.

    • Thank you, June. I am happy to have found your blog, too!

  8. Bert

    = )

  9. Bonita Babe

    Happy Lovely Springtime —- I’m Smiling!!

    • Happy lovely springtime to you, too, Babe! Glad you’re smiling. 🙂

  10. Lovely post!

  11. 🙂 This makes me happy because I spent the morning potting bleeding heart ferns for the nursery, and I get to see this beautiful end result through your blog! Nature’s Glory…

    • What a sweet comment, Goodness! These beautiful plants are truly part of Nature’s Glory!

  12. I love Iris. I love planting things and watching them grow.

    • This is the first one I’ve planted at the house now. I’m so happy to finally have an iris!

  13. Lovely words, lovely photos, lovely flower!

  14. So beautiful, I love that your iris is standing sentry at the mailbox, ha ha!!!

    • Thank you. I know–(I actually planted three more, but this is the only one that “took,” so it’s a lonley little sentry. 🙂 )

  15. TBM

    Congrats. I love this feeling. I used to kill all plants, but lately I’ve had some success. It is lovely.

  16. That is a gorgeous flower! (Like the poem too!) 🙂

  17. I can feel your joy. I feel the same when I can create something in nature. Your iris looks really beautiful and healthy.

    • Thank you, Valentina. I love the iris, and I am thrilled with how beautiful this one is!

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