Bringing Europe Home

Photo Friday

I’ve decided to join the party.  I’m going to start posting some travel photos on “Wordless Wednesday,” but I’m running late, as usual, so my first post is on “Photo Friday.”  (I made that up.  And please notice that I did not fall prey to the lure of symmetry and call it “Foto Friday.”  No, I will let the alliteration speak for itself. 🙂 )


So today’s subject is Venice, the city of my carefree college student days, and one with its own particular allure.  Here we have a gondola in the foreground and the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore (featuring Palladio’s architectural beauty, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore) in the background.  The view is from the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace), adjacent to Piazza San Marco.


  1. I LOVE Venice… amzing shots

    • I love Venice, too ! And thank you–this photo is one of my favorites.

  2. Diana

    LOVE Venice! LOVE your blog Robina!

  3. JRJ2015

    Good Morning Robin 🙂

    Hope you have a Blessed Week…
    Blessings Renee

  4. Italy is a beautiful country, I have been in several cities and loved it. Pretty pictures indeed.

    • How wonderful for you, Konstantina! And I’m glad you like the photo.

  5. What a beautiful place! It must have been wonderful having the opportunity to live and study there!

    • It surely was! I knew that I wanted to do a study abroad program when I was in college, and that was a big factor in my college decision. I chose Wake Forest University, which has a house on the Grand Canal, right across from the Gritti Palace. I used to look across the Grand Canal at the Gritti Palace and think, “I’ll come back when I’m an adult and stay there!” Little did I know–I was never going to best the accommodations I had as a student!
      You’re not that far away from Italy, Kerry… 🙂

      • I can’t believe they had a house on the Grand Canal! Good planning on your part! I’m a big fan of studying abroad; that’s how I met Tim! 🙂
        We were actually lucky enough to go to Venice for part of our honeymoon, so it always will hold a special place in my heart! Some day I want to jump on a plane to Venice when they have the “aqua alta.” All the photos I’ve seen during that time look amazing with the reflections in the water. Were you able to experience that at all during your time there?

        • They still do! It’s called “Casa Artom,” and it’s in a prime spot next to the Guggenheim Museum. Yes, I experienced the “aqua alta” as a student, when we all wore rubber boots and walked across plank boards on the sidewalks. But upon return with my family, the entire square of San Marco’s was flooded! I don’t remember it ever being that bad when I was there before.

  6. SO pretty! i’ve never been to europe before but it is definitely something i want to do soon

    • Well, now’s the time, College Girl! You’ll never do Europe cheaper than when you’re a student, and you can probably get some credits, too. 🙂

  7. No! I’ve never experienced anything quite like Venice either, Valentina. Of all the cities of the world, sad to say, Venice claims my allegiance. It’s Venice I turn to replenish my soul, to give me courage again, and again, and joy. I think maybe I was once seduced by a water sprite … Lovely, romantic photograph Robin, that captures the light so it could be a painting. I’ll make a date to join your European Wednesdays, wordless or no.

    • And something about Venice causes us to wax poetic, as well… 🙂 I can see that Venice is quite the muse for you, Wanderlust–or maybe it was that water sprite. In any case, you have expressed yourself so beautifully and eloquently, which is certainly fitting for this magical city. I thank you for that! Thank you as well for your very kind comments about my photo. I’ll look forward to your Wednesday visits.

  8. This is lovely!! I want to be there…tomorrow.

  9. JRJ2015

    GORGEOUS ! & Romantic

    • Thank you, JR! And yes, Venice is a very romantic place. 🙂

  10. TBM

    Lovely…I haven’t been to Italy yet, but it is on my list.

  11. Venezia is so beautiful – your one photo has already captured it so wonderfully 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. This is what in Italian is called ‘colpo basso’ a low blow. Venezia is my favorite town of all in Italy and one town, where it has been said, I left my heart in the 18th century (a long story of my previous life). Living across the pond is one thing I miss very much.

    • I didn’t mean to be hitting you below the belt, Valentina! 🙂 I loved it too, and the photos are a sweet rembrance for me.

      • I know. Venice is one of those things that gives a jolt every time I see it. Have you experienced anything like that?

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