Bringing Europe Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

I have been bitten by the shutterbug.  I have decided to participate in the “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.”  (For the longest time I would see these “photo challenge” photography posts popping up all over the blogosphere, and I thought that these bloggers were members of a secret society that issued assorted challenges regularly, until I finally decided to get to the bottom of it, and with the help of Google, I did. Turns out that anyone can participate—even you!  Just check out the Daily Post at WordPress, subscribe, and the topic for the weekly photo challenge will be magically emailed to you every Friday.) Incidentally, I have decided to create my own “challenge within a challenge” by choosing photos that are from Europe or of something European that we have “brought home,” and in so doing I will stick to the theme of this site. (Just so you know.)

This week’s topic is “together…find a picture of people or things which are together in your picture.”

Skischule in Galtur, Austria, where it is imperative that everyone stays together!

During my photo foray I found this picture, which would meet this week’s “together” challenge as well as last week’s “sun, in its full glory as the feature of your photo…” challenge.  Thus, it is a two-way-double-challenge photo, and here you are:

These “skiers” (my family members!) are sticking together on the icy slopes.


  1. Gina

    i’m impressed that you met the photo challenge while staying true to your blog. you’re creative! love the pic. i assume that you were the paparazzi. also, skiing in Europe is so different than skiing in the US. your blog posts bring back my own memories.

    • Thanks, Gina! Yes, that was me behind the camera–just before I headed back into the ski lodge for a hot drink and a good book. 🙂

  2. TBM

    Great photo…and I love that you thought it was a secret society. When I first started seeing them as well I didn’t know what it was about. But you were more creative in your thinking.

    • Glad you like the photo, TBM. And, I’m so used to being “out of the loop” that I have to get creative about it!

  3. What a beautiful post!

  4. What wonderful memories your family must have of this time! Great photo!

  5. It is a secret society!!! But now you’re in on it. 🙂

  6. Great pictures and what a fun family activity. My fam was supposed to go to the slopes together a couple of months ago, but kids got sick & mom wasn’t feeling well either, so I had to go with a different group 😦

    I’ve enjoyed your contributions over at my blog!

    • Thanks, New View! You have a terrific site, and I enjoyed visiting. This was a fun family activity indeed, even though it finally became clear to me and the rest of my family as well, that mom does best on the slopes when she’s behind a camera rather than attached to a pair of skis!

      • LOL…yeah, it can be pretty unpleasant if it just isn’t “your thing” 🙂

        • I think I can relate to all these lined-up little kiddies, struggling to learn to ski, but once you pass a certain age (10 maybe?) ineptitude on skis loses its cuteness!

          • LOL….so very, very true. Two of the adults who went on the trip with me gave it up after less than an hour. Thankfully we were able to transfer their lift tix & rental to other (younger) people in our group 🙂

  7. Diana

    You have my vote!!

  8. I’m tempted to do this, it’s a great idea, but I’ve just signed up with blipfoto to do a photo every day so I’d better calm down. I like your togetherness photos, the wee skiers in the first picture are very sweet.

    • Thank you, Lorna! They are sweet, aren’t they, especially the little ones who toppled–they’re precious in their young efforts. Good luck with the blipfoto! Will you be posting those?

      • Blipfoto requires you to post one photo every day, taken on that day, so I daresay there will be some of those popping up on my blog, e.g. scones, cakes, etc.

        • That will be something we can all look forward to! (And hopefully, it will be a little easier on your wrists. 🙂 )

          • Thanks Robin, I must do a post about it. There are so many posts piling up that I desperately want to write but I have to take it slow…quite infuriating!

            • I can imagine that it’s infuriating, and I must say, it’s unfairly ironic as well, given your fine talent for writing. I wish you the best, Lorna!

  9. Love your representation of “together!”

  10. Very Nice! Glad you decided to join–love your photos!


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