Bringing Europe Home

Salzburg, Austria

I’m taking advantage of this Wordless Wednesday to cap-off my Sound of Music post with a few photographs of Salzburg, Austria.

Festung Hohensalzburg (the castle or fortress) and the Altstadt, or “old town.”

View of the city, the Salzach River, and the Salzburg Cathedral from the fortress.


  1. It looks magical! Austria is on my list — and you make it look even more tempting…

    • I think you would especially love it, Sugar. The buildings there reminded me of frosted cakes. 😉

  2. Ahh Salzburg, my parents live only an hour from there, I will take my kids to Schloss Hellbrunn this summer. Ever been there, where they get you totally wet through a tour.?
    I hope reality can match my childhood memories of it.

    • How wonderful for you! No, I don’t believe we made it to Schloss Hellbrunn (although it sounds like a blast!) We did, however, go to the Salt Mine tour, and we all loved donning the overalls and sliding through the shoots! Have a great trip, Sabine.:-)

  3. Wonderful pics! I’ve nominated you for the Best Follower Award!

  4. TBM

    So wonderful. I want to go!

    • Well then, do! Surely Austria is on your list of 192 countries! 😉

  5. Lovely city.

  6. Lovely photos as always Robin!

  7. lntci

    Another beautiful and interesting European City. I love your regular introductions. Thanks.

  8. It looks like a bit like a fairytale land, lovely!.

    • Spot on, Lorna! I did feel like we were in a fairy tale when we were there.

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