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For WordPress bloggers: the glitch fix

To my fellow Wordpress users, I believe that this sharp little blogger has figured out how to stop the glut of comments we’ve all been getting:


  1. Aha – so that’s what’s been happening! Thanks so much for this useful tip Robin and I’m having a blast touring your site. Looking forward to catching up here with you! Warmest greetings from Finland, Sharon

    • Thank you so much! Your site is truly beautiful and inspiring, and I’ll need to go back and see some more of it (some time before 10:30 p.m. 😉 ).

      • Oh thank you and come by anytime before 10.30pm 😀 I am by nature a night owl. I seem to love to prowl about at night in the silence of the house staring, making a snack, unwinding, reading my favourite book, relfecting… Those moments just before bedtime are so precious. What about you?! But I realised that for good health and for the sake of sanity, I seem to function better when I sleep before 12. Take care Robin, it’s been good connecting with you! Sharon

        • I’m a night owl, too! Your nights sound a lot more inviting than mine, though…I prowl around cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, checking emails, and roaming the blogosphere, of course. 😉 One thing that I treasure about those after 10:30 hours, though, is the fact that my older children are usually prowling about the house during those times, too, and that’s when we get into some good conversation. But someone told me that the wise Ben Franklin once said, “An hour before midnight is worth two hours after,” and I’m finding that to be true! Finally, spurred by your wise words, I got to bed before 11:30 last night, so I’m making progress, little by little… I’m happy to have found you in this massive blogging haystack, Sharon, and it’s good connecting with you, too!

  2. mac

    I bet this is some thoughless change by a random person at wp – and it’ll switch back pretty soon… let’s hope 🙂

  3. Like you (in your comments on Amy’s blog) I don’t have the box mentioned. I’ve also had the same problem with deleting new post notifications. I found another blogger post with instructions here: which includes a box that I do have, so I’ve done as she suggests and hope this works.

    • Having gone onto a couple of new blogs to test this out, it doesn’t seem to have worked 😦 According to the comments I’ve read on a forum about this, it’s impossible to change it.

      • Eegads! Am I to understand that this is NOT a glitch after all, and that WordPress has done this purposely??

        • Well, I’m not entirely sure, some people do seem to think so. There are lots of rather annoyed WordPress users getting very frustrated about it.

          • Yup. Count me among them. (The first morning that it happened, and I had something like 77 emails downloading, I allowed myself the brief luxury of believing that I had been “freshly pressed.” Still, the voice of reason said, “Can’t be,” and of the 77, about 62 were comments from other blogs! 😉 )

            • Ha ha, yeah, I thought I’d suddenly become really popular too! It is very vexing, I hope that all the complaints will make WP do something about it post haste.

    • I just unchecked the boxes I did have (and they seem to be the same ones that Titabuds had mentioned), so I wonder if you’re still getting comments from my site? I unchecked the box last night. I’m still getting your bookstore comments, but I think that’s because I forgot to Uncheck the box on your post. I had already tried to control the flow from my manage page, but none of those boxes were checked, anyway. Maybe I didn’t delve far enough into the bowels of it–and who has time for all this, anyway??

      • I agree, it’s a big waste of time having to deal with this, deleting all the comment emails, etc. If you untick the boxes on there, does that mean that you don’t then get emails about people commenting on your own page? I know there’s a box specifically for that in the Discussion part of Settings, but it’s not terribly clear to me. I’ve tried unticking the Follow Comments and Follow Blog boxes and will see if that does anything. I think I am still getting emails from your blog, although I get so many from lots of blogs that I can’t honestly remember when I last got one of yours. I’ll keep an eye out though and let you know.

  4. Thanks for passing this on! My inbox has been clogged for the past few days, lol.

    • The thing about it is, if I understand correctly, that unchecking our own boxes won’t stop the flood from other sites–it will just keep the comments on our posts from flooding other boxes. We have to remember to UNcheck the comment box on other posts when we’re leaving a comment–that keeps our own inbox from clogging up. This blogger posted a suggestion for that, and it may help you.
      Good luck! p.s. I’m glad you’re LOLing about this, Grace, because I’m sure not!!

  5. I´ll try this! Have a nice day!

  6. Hasn’t this been fun? *rolls eyes* I did make this change the other night on my blog…hopefully it’s not an option on my blog anymore. Please let me know if you happen to notice it’s still there on your next visit. Between that and the Topics pages going away, WordPress has me a bit disappointed this week. But only a bit. 🙂

    • Actually, Becky, I have been getting a steady stream of comments from your blog today (and was pretty impressed by the number of them, by the way :-)). And I am glad you mentioned the topic page, because I’m always stumped when something changes so dramatically, and I always blame it on my laptop! I’ll be nicer to it, now. 😉

      • Hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. Guess I’ll have to revisit my settings and try again. Let me know if it continues in the future. I don’t want to bog down my followers’ inboxes!

        • Thanks. I actually think I’m missing some new post notifications of blogs I follow because I’m so busy deleting the comments from my inbox–and they’re getting deleted along with!


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