Bringing Europe Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Summer,” which—in an uncanny coincidence—was the same travel photo theme posed the week before by Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack. So in response to both “Summer” challenges, here is my photo:

A refreshing pool on a hot day says “summer” to me.  So before I leave Greece, I’m posting this picture of the pool at our hotel near the Corinthian Canal.  We were staying at this hotel along with almost every weight-lifting team in Eastern Europe.  I kid you not–the Eastern European Weight Lifting Tournament was being held at a venue down the street.  We never did see them in the pool, but my children made good use of it.

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  1. a strawberry patch

    How beautiful, I dream of Santorini…..

  2. Another nice one Robin 🙂 Love the colours.

    • Thank you, Madhu. They are peaceful, arent’ they? 🙂

  3. What a relaxing photo!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. After a month in chaotic Italy this picture brings peace to my heart.

    • I’m so glad this brought you peace, Valentina! And I hope your month in Italy was full of fun (even the chaotic bits)!

      • Italy is my home land, it’s my roots, family and friends are there and of course it was fun, but when it’s time to go….well, it is really time to go.

  6. So tranquil….I closed my eyes for a moment and envisioned myself in one of the lounge chairs. Not as good as the real thing!

    • But a talent to visualize yourself there, just the same. 😉

  7. This is giving me definetly a summer-feeling 😉

  8. Very realxing pictures.


  9. I camped near the Corinthian canal when touring a way too many years ago. Our ‘home’ didn’t look ANYthing like your stay. I remember our first site was too noisy – chickens being one of the reasons – and we moved camp to a place near the opposite end. Had a wonderful few days on a cove near Tolon too – hmmm, memories – thanks.

    • I’m so glad this brought back fond memories of Greece for you, Lynne! And, those chickens are part of what makes it all memorable.. 😉

  10. That does look wonderfully summery, Robin. I’m sorry we’re leaving Greece, but perhaps we can pop back now and then?

    • Thank you, Lorna, and sure! We can go back! I was concerned that we were staying there too long–but I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. 😉

      • Definitely not too long, in my opinion. Having never been to Greece, I’ve been really interested to see your photos, and look forward to more in the future!

        • I’m so cheered to hear that, Lorna! Thank you, kindly.

  11. TBM

    Sign me up for one of the chairs…and I have whatever tropical drink or beer. I won’t be picky with this view.

    • Okay, TBM! You’ve got a chair and a drink–and you can settle in and start reading some of those classics. 😉

      • What is the typical refreshing drink in Greece? Is there a regional cocktail that’s popular poolside? or patio-side? or boat-side? 🙂

        • Well, ouzo is typical, but I wouldn’t call it refreshing! I mainly stick to red wine, wherever I am. 😉

  12. The very essence of summer for sure 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. ~Love it….but where are the photos of the weightlifters? 😉

  14. Awesome summer photo

  15. What a gorgeous place to enjoy the pool. I wish there was a mountain view from my backyard pool. 🙂 I agree that summer = pool. I had my first swim this weekend and it was heavenly. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Yes, a pool with a view is a wonderful thing! But, that’s pretty cool that you’ve got one in your back yard–mountains or not. 😉 That’s terrific that you’ve already had your first summer swim–“enjoy!” to you, too. 🙂


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