Bringing Europe Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship/Close

The challenges are piling up around me, but I have a photo that does double duty.  The theme of this week’s photo challenge is  “Close” and last week’s was “Friendship,” and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to share this picture:

We captured on film these two little boys as they sat close to each other on some stairs in a side street in Greece.  We were charmed by their honest display of friendship.


  1. clownonfire

    Boy with orange shirt: “I won’t tell anyone. PLEASE? Just a quick wiz in that plant, no one will know…”
    Boy with red shirt: “Oh I don’t know, Stanipapopoulous. Last time you told me that, I spent 3 nights in jail…”
    Le Clown

    • Oh, I don’t know, Le Clown–maybe if they were preteens. But I think that these little guys were probably talking about ice cream.

      • clownonfire

        You’re right. You’re right. You’re right.
        Le Clown

        • Sometimes I worry about you, Le Clown….

          • clownonfire

            I’m telling you… These kids are up to something… It takes one to know one…
            Le Clown

  2. The photo does not need any words. I hope their friendship lasts a lifetime. I have many friends form my childhood and we cherish each other to these days.

    • How lovely. Thank you for sharing sweet words and memories, Valentina!

  3. Pictures always say a thousand words 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. I love this pick. How much are your prints?

    • You’ve caught me, Good! I’m not really in the business–but I’m glad you like the photo. 🙂

      • Aww man I wanted the friendship one and the eiffel tower one it’s cool they are still great to look at

        • Gosh, that’s awfully nice of you! I hadn’t really thought of reproducing anything beyond the blog. But if I do, you’re the first person I’ll contact!

          • Rock on! Thank you

  5. Good thinking! I still need to get to your “messing about in boats” before you move on to the next one. Got the photos ready. One of these days I’ll get all my old photos online.
    Lovely shot!

  6. Awwwwww! That’s all I can say.

  7. This picture is so excelent – showing close relation- and partnership. Only life can offer such pictures (moments) as a gift.

    • Yes, this is a “slice of life” photo, isn’t it? Thank you for that kind observation!

  8. Elisa

    Definitely a smile inducer! I love the entwined hands…so dear!

  9. I can see why you hung onto that photo, the simplicity and joy is so evident 🙂

  10. The epitome of closeness and friendship. Sometimes we have a lot to learn from children.

    • They express themselves so freely, don’t they? It’s heartening when their expression is a sweet one.

  11. Lovely! What happened to your ‘Quotes of the Masters” challenge?

    • Thanks, Madhu, and thanks for asking about my “Quotes” challenge. Truth is, all my kids are home from schools near and far, and my household is overrun with people who eat. I’m just trying to get a handle on it… BUT, the quotes will return this Sat.
      (…I didn’t think anyone would notice. 😉 )

  12. That’s gorgeous Robin, and a very nicely composed photo. So much interest – the colour, the plants, the steps, and of course the focus of the picture. What a cracking shot!

  13. Beautiful picture
    Clever of you to combine these 2 challenges

    • Thank you, Rosa.
      Really, I couldn’t help but combine them!

  14. That’s lovely. Nice composition of the photo too as you go down the stairs to the boys and then look across to the plants.

    I do challenges as and when, if I find the word interesting enough. If nothing springs to mind immediately I leave it. This was a good choice for both.

    • Thank you! Some shots just come together.
      I can relate to you about the challenges! But the best part of the challenges for me is that they have caused me to go through our old photos again–and that has been a joy.

  15. How sweet. And you’ve managed to capture some of the flair of Greek streets too, with the flowers and the colourful buildings. Great Robin! 😀

    • Thank you Cathy. You know, it was all just there! Those Greeks do provide nice backdrops, though. 😉

  16. The photo says it all. Just great I love the picture.


    • So glad you like it, Cynthia, and thank you for the sweet words.

  17. Beautiful representation of friendship! 🙂

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