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I don’t know much about golf.  I know that it’s “a good walk spoiled.”  I know that my dad shot his age several times and made a hole in one twice, and that those are plaque-worthy accomplishments.  I know that golf originated in Scotland.  What I didn’t know is that there is a difference between …

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Sunday Post: Water/ Travel Theme: Oceans

I’ve given you a lot of water, so today I give you La Mer. Thus, you have my entry for Jake’s Sunday Post: Water.  Ailsa’s travel theme over at Where’s My Backpack is Oceans, which I figure is close enough to The Sea, so rather than posting this twice, I’m using it as a two-way entry.  In my opinion, this …

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The Hills Are Still Alive!

Remember The Sound of Music?  Sure you do!  Now, quick–what’s your favorite scene?  The one where Maria topples the rowboat and she and the kids fall into the lake? Liesl and Rolfe leaping across the rain-spattered gazebo, while singing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”?  The “Lonely Goatherd” marionette play?  Whatever it is, chances are it was filmed …

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The Man Who Planted Trees

He’s got no strings, and he’s quite a catch… What It Is He’s Elzéard Bouffier, the man who planted trees.  Written by Jean Giono, The Man Who Planted Trees is the fictional story of a solitary shepherd (our Elzéard) who made it his life’s quest to transform a barren area of Provence into a place lush with life.  And he did …

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Ya, Dancer!

While you’re drinking that green beer this weekend, pay attention to the entertainment.  Those step dancers are athletes and artists, keeping alive the grand tradition of the Emerald Isle. WHAT IT IS Irish dance is not only a tradition that dates back to the 15th century in Ireland–it is a competitive sport.  Dancers will compete in hard shoe and soft …

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Love in Search of a Word

You have the candy, the flowers, the lovely meal.  Want to really get your Valentine’s attention?  Bring on the classics! WHAT IT IS Sidney Lanier wrote, “Music is Love in search of a word,” and nobody set passion to music more eloquently than those old European composers.  European Classical music spans such a range of …

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