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What’s in YOUR Easter Basket?

WHAT IT IS Among many fond memories of my life in Deutschland are my memories of the Easter season.  I was surprised and delighted, not only by the stunningly decorated blown eggs (pictured in my Art of the Easter Egg, posts I and II), but also by the gorgeous displays of Easter chocolates.   I would …

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European Chocolate–Vive la Différence!

February 14th is a chocolate-dipped day.  This year, dip your day into the chocolates of Europe. WHAT IT IS We know there’s a difference between European chocolate and a bag of Halloween candy—but what is it?  Basically, it has to do with the quality of ingredients.  Cheap chocolate will use cheap ingredients, such as oils …

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Gimme a Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?

But make mine a bacio. WHAT IT IS  Baci are candy kisses made by the Italian candy company, Perugina.  Bacio, as you may have guessed, is the Italian word for kiss, and baci is the plural form. The confections are made of a hazelnut and chocolate cream center topped by a whole roasted hazelnut, encased in delicious dark chocolate.  True to form, the …

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