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As kids, we gathered round the campfire.  As adults, we can gather round the Feuerzangenbowle! WHAT IT IS Feuerzangenbowle translates as “fire-tongs punch” or even more descriptively as “flaming fire-tongs punch” (feuer means fire, zangen means tongs, and bowle means punch).  It is essentially a dramatic and entertaining way to make a type of Glühwein.  A …

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Glühwein Four Ways

The Christmas markets of Gemany are magical—renowned in their scope and enticing in their variety.  I have come to believe, however, that their secret ingredient is Glühwein.  There is nothing that warms the outdoor shoppers more effectively and festively than this hot mulled wine.  As a bonus, each market serves its wine in charming mugs …

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St. Nicholas Day

Yes, Virginia, there was a Saint Nicholas.  Many of you are aware that the popular figure of Santa Claus is based on a real person:  he was Nicholas, bishop of Myra, and he lived during the fourth century in what is now Turkey.  He is the patron saint of cities across Europe and Russia, and …

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