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Quotes from the Masters: Fellini

I love to talk.  I really do.  I love to engage others in conversation and witty repartee.  I relish the active, educated, verbalized exchange of ideas and opinions.  I enjoy telling stories and making other people laugh.  But sometimes, I need to keep my mouth shut.  I need to curtail my own enthusiastic urge to …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Read my hands! Who better to showcase hands than a mime?  This street performer entertained us in Florence, Italy, just off the Piazza della Signoria.   Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands (

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Florence, Italy

Shhhhhhh! (It’s my first Wordless Wednesday, and I’m trying not to talk!)  So, I’ll stifle myself and post two photos instead: The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiori, featuring Brunelleschi’s Duomo. The Ponte Vecchio, spanning the Arno River.

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Photo Friday

I’ve decided to join the party.  I’m going to start posting some travel photos on “Wordless Wednesday,” but I’m running late, as usual, so my first post is on “Photo Friday.”  (I made that up.  And please notice that I did not fall prey to the lure of symmetry and call it “Foto Friday.”  No, I will let …

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Budget Barista Series: Latte Macchiato

WHAT IT IS A latte macchiato is a dirty little drink.  Macchiare means “to dirty” or “to stain,” so a latte macchiato is milk that has been dirtied-up, so to speak, with a shot of espresso.  That is exactly how I like to dirty my milk. The beverage is made by putting steamed milk and the milk foam into a glass …

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Budget Barista Series: Espresso

Espresso is the foundation for many popular hot and cold Italian beverages, so by rights it should have gone first in my “Budget Barista Series.”  But cappuccino’s more fun, and one of my all-time favorite drinks besides, so it got top billing. WHAT IT IS The Italian cousin to Turkish coffee, espresso is strong, dark, …

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