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Photo Friday

I’ve decided to join the party.  I’m going to start posting some travel photos on “Wordless Wednesday,” but I’m running late, as usual, so my first post is on “Photo Friday.”  (I made that up.  And please notice that I did not fall prey to the lure of symmetry and call it “Foto Friday.”  No, I will let …

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Budget Barista Series: Cappuccino

You don’t have to go to Italy to get a great cappuccino (and you don’t have to stand in line at Starbucks, either—but in keeping with the theme of this blog, I’m evoking Italy). WHAT IT IS Cappuccino is an espresso based drink, made of one-third espresso and equal parts steamed milk and foamed milk.  There are …

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Traditions and Tidbits from the Continent to the States

I’m not the first person to be seduced by Europe.  There’s something about the place—it’s simple, yet sensuous at the same time.  As a college student, I spent a summer living with an Italian family on the mainland outside Venice, working as a “babysitter” (though I liked to think of myself as a “governess,” like …

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