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Petering Out

This post started out as a “Quotes from the Masters: Barrie.” James Matthew Barrie was the author of Peter Pan, so straight away I am giving you a bad pun (and really, aren’t all puns bad puns?) but I couldn’t help myself.  The truth is, I have been petering out.  This is my first post in two weeks, and …

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Sunday Post: Road

Do you know Jake?  He’s the host of the blog Jakesprinter, and a photographer, graphic artist and creator of some very impressive computer images. He posts a new challenge theme each week and introduces the theme with a written definition and his own snazzy graphics.  I’m joining in this week’s challenge, “road.”   This solid, stone …

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The Man Who Planted Trees

He’s got no strings, and he’s quite a catch… What It Is He’s Elzéard Bouffier, the man who planted trees.  Written by Jean Giono, The Man Who Planted Trees is the fictional story of a solitary shepherd (our Elzéard) who made it his life’s quest to transform a barren area of Provence into a place lush with life.  And he did …

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