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Petering Out

This post started out as a “Quotes from the Masters: Barrie.” James Matthew Barrie was the author of Peter Pan, so straight away I am giving you a bad pun (and really, aren’t all puns bad puns?) but I couldn’t help myself.  The truth is, I have been petering out.  This is my first post in two weeks, and …

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Quotes from the Masters: Picasso

I’m creating a new category of posts that I am calling, “Quotes from the Masters.”  Because of my proximity to Augusta, Georgia, I must add the disclaimer that it’s not about golf. What it IS about is gleaning the best quotes I can find from European masters of literature, philosophy, theology, music, and the visual, …

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Playing Favorites/Being Versatile

I’ve been sitting on this long enough.  Some may recall, from my Good News/Bad News Day,  that I was awarded the Liebster Blogger Award by the Cosy Creative (and that, coincidentally, on the same day at the same time, I was passing the “Kreative Blogger Award” on to her).  Well, the time has come to officially …

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